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Eduroam Android CA Certificate

Connecting to Android phone

Please note to change the following on Android phones (this ought to be the default):

Click WiFi on your phone and select Eduroam or Kenyatta University WiFi

1. EAP method: PEAP

2. Phase 2 Authentication: Select MSCHAPv2

3. CA certificate select "unspecified" or "Do not validate".

4. Identity: Enter Your KU Email

5. Anonymous: Skip this

6. Enter WiFi password

Click on CONNECT

NB:  For Android 10+ phones (ONLY), kindly install the CA certificate attached and specify domain as ku.ac.ke

Connecting WiFi on LAPTOP

Connecting to Kenyatta University WiFi on Laptop.

1. Click connect on Kenyatta University.

2. Enter your KU email address as your Username

3. Enter your WiFi password as Password.

4. Click Connect.